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Salmon River / Oswego River Drift Boat Guided Trips

Timber Wolf Outfitters offers both floatboat and guided bank trips down the Salmon River.

On the river in the drift boat or wading...

September starts our search in the rivers for the mighty warrior, the king salmon and their cousins the Cohoes ripping up the rapids with water flying every where.

You can find them holding in the lower stretches of the Salmon River, Oswego River & Black River and their tributaries.

By October they are throughout the river and on the spawn, making them most aggressive to our techniques, casting, back trolling, float fishing, skein fishing, & fly fishing.


And Just when you think your done with the taxidermist, will the fun ever stop?


Leaping, screaming Silver Bullets - the fish that makes you endure the cold.

From November through May, these line screaming, tackle busting majestic creatures will make your heart pound and arm ache.

Taxiing down the river in our heated 17' drift boat, going hole to hole, casting our egg sacs, flies, jigs, worms and back tolling, waiting for that explosion we all know so well.

Using light tackle you will get a run for your money and then some.

So make sure you've strapped on your cleats, you'll need them.

Now that leads me to my favorite past time - PINNING!!!

Float fishing for these monsters with our center pin set ups is by far the deadliest method to entice them into feeding.

Center pin fishing has become extremely popular within the past ten years. With its incredible control, long distance and basically snag free drifts, you will entice even the most wary of fish.

So let me teach you how to set up your shot patterns, set the float for depth, set the hook on a fish and play the fish to the net.

All this happening while I float you down the river showing you the most productive spots on the rivers of our trophy fishery.

So gather your family and friends and join us in making the memories of a life time!

Peace and fish on!


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