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Lake Ontario Fishing Charters

Zeke's fully equipped Sportcraft set up for Lake Ontario

Lake Ontario season is......getting started!

Spring brings Brown Trout. They can be found cruising the warm shallows looking for bait starting in April. By May, huge Walleye have joined them, and here we are pounding on them with our sharply hooked stick baits & spoons.......FISH ON!

In June, we start to move off-shore using our electric down riggers searching deeper for our cold water trophies.

By late June early July, we start hitting those line screaming Kings & Cohoes...

OH BOY I CAN'T WAIT!!!!!!!!!!!

Some Lake Trout will be mixed in there with the Browns and Steelhead. In August, mature Kings (Chinook) & Cohoes (Silvers) start moving closer to shore by late August to early September.

They will be staging right off the mouth of the Salmon River, our home port, giving us some of our best shallow water action yet!

Also beginning in late September, night fishing for Kings and Cohoes is a most wonderful activity. This is a 2-man per boat situation, and we'll be fishing in the dark using head lamps - BUSTING UP THE SALMON. This can be an extremely active and explosive experience.

I need to be in closer proximity with my clients when fishing for these monsters in the dark during the typical line screaming situation! For this style of fishing, we use our smaller driftboats from a 21' down to our 17' float boat. Additional boats are available in order to accommodate any size party.

See the Rates Page for current pricing.

Lake Ontario Charter Boat Specs & Info:

• 27' Sportcraft 10' Beam
• U.S.C.G. Licensed
• First Mate
• 350 Inboard Motor
• Bartrods Trolling Rods
• Diawa LC Reels
• Lowrance Fish Finder
• Speed & Temp Probes
• GPS Navigation
• Marine Radio
• 5 Big John Downriggers
• Planer Boards
• Dipsy Rods
• Video Camera
• Cell Phone
• Stereo System
• Private Head
• All Tackle Provided



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